Set 5.5 Kw Servo Motor/Drive

1.QS6AA050M3 AC Servo Drive, 3Phase, AC380V, 50A,

match ACH series AC servo motor  3.7-11KW.


2.ACH-18550A3C 180 flange, 5.5KW, 1500RPM, 35.0NM, 12A, AC380V,

incremental encoder, 15 line,

match QS6AA050M3 servo driver


3.สาย 3 meter cable, includ Power cable, Encoder cable

and controller cable





QS6AA050M3 servo drive 

QS6AA050M3 servo drive: built-in 4-position positioning control instructions, free planning point-to-point positioning control; servo motor comes with encoder, position signal feedback to the servo drive, and open-loop position controller together constitute a semi-closed-loop control system.


Functional characteristics

Motor power to adapt to 220V power input 100W ~ 3.7KW, 380V power input 3.7W ~ 11KW 
with torque, speed, position, point to point positioning and hybrid switching function 
Position control, speed control, torque control, electric knife control and JOG control a variety of control methods 
Built-in braking system to meet the needs of large load applications 
Built-in 4-position positioning control instructions, free planning Point-to-point positioning control 
Servo motor comes with encoder, position signal feedback to the servo drive, The controller together to form a semi-closed-loop control system 
speed ratio of 1: 5000, from low to high speed have a stable torque characteristics 
Servo motor maximum speed up to 6000rpm 
Control positioning accuracy ± 0.01% 
Improved space vector control algorithm than ordinary SPWM produces greater torque, less noise 
300% overload capacity, with a load capacity 
Wide power supply Adaptation range: ~ 220V ± 20% or ~ 380V ± 20% 
Perfect protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and coding Failure of a 
variety of display functions: including motor speed, motor current, motor position, position deviation, the number of pulses, pulse frequency, linear speed 

Automatic adjustment of input and output interface diagnostics, historical alarm recording, etc. 
Through the inertial constant function of the new algorithm and 5 kinds of tuning characteristic selection, 30-level response setting or automatic saving function using parameters can improve the responsiveness Automatic tuning. 
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