Stepping Driver Toshiba TB6600

Stepping Driver Toshiba TB6600-4A. สินค้ามีรับประกัน

ใช้ได้กับ stepper motor: NEMA23/34  Frame 42/57/86 Type 2-phase 4-phase (4-wire line 6 line 8)

1. 9V-42V DC power supply

2.H-bridge bipolar constant phase flow drive;

3. the maximum 4.0A eight selectable output current;

4. maximum 32 segment six Subdivision optional

5. the input signal is high-speed optical isolation

6. the standard common anode single-pulse interface

7. holding off function

8. semi-enclosed housing to accommodate more demanding environments

9. provide energy current semi-automatic locking function

10. built-in temperature protection and overcurrent protection.

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