AC. Inverter 220V 1.5 KW.

AC. Inverter input single 220V 1.5 KW. 0-400Hz.

Basic functions

project name

G5M series

control method

V / F curve control

Input Power

380V power supply: 380 ± 15% 220V power supply: 220 ± 15%

Four digital display

And status indicator

Display frequency, current, revolution, voltage, counter, temperature, forward or state failure.

Communication control


Operating temperature

-10 ~ 40 deg.] C


to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)


0.5G or less

Frequency Control


0.10 ~ 400.00Hz


Digital: 0.01% (- 10 ~ 40 ℃); Analog: 0.1% (25 ± 10 ℃)

Setting Resolution

Digital: 0.01Hz; Analog: maximum operating frequency of 1%

Output Resolution


Keyboard settings mode

Can be directly set

Analog setting mode

External voltage 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V, 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 20mA.

Other features

Frequency lower limit, starting frequency, stopping frequency three skip frequencies can be set

General control

Acceleration and deceleration control

segment deceleration time (0.1 to 6500 seconds) optionally

V / F curve

Can be arbitrarily set V / F curve

Torque Control

Torque boost can be set to a maximum of 10.0%, up to 150% starting torque at 1.0Hz

Multi-function input terminal

programmable inputs, to achieve 8-speed control, the program runs, 4 segment deceleration switching, UP, DOWN function, counter, external emergency stop and other functions.

Multi-function output terminal

programmable output; to achieve operation, zero speed, counter, external error, program operation and other instructions and alarm.

Other features

Automatic voltage regulator (AVR), deceleration stop or free-stop, DC braking, automatic reset and then start, frequency tracking, PLC program control, traverse control, draft control, automatic energy-saving operation, the carrier is adjustable (up to 20KHz) and the like.

Protective function


Electronic motor protection relay electric drive (constant torque 150% / 1 minute with Fans 120% / 1 min).

FUSE protection

FUSE is blown, the motor stops


220V class: DC voltage> 390V 380V class: DC voltage> 800V

low voltage

220V class: DC voltage <200V 380V class: DC voltage <400V

For restart

After momentary stop frequency can restart tracking mode

Stall prevention

Acceleration / deceleration stall prevention operation

Output short circuit

Electronic circuit protection

Other features

Fin overheat protection, reverse limit, directly after boot start, fault reset, parameter lock etc.

Main circuit terminals

Terminal symbol

Terminal Name



Input power terminals

Connected three-phase 380V power supply (single-phase 220V class models with L1, L2 terminal access)


Inverter output terminals

Connected three-phase motor.

DC +

DC output + terminal

DC bus output terminals for a common DC bus system or to connect an external braking unit. (Some models are not provided DC-)


DC output - Terminal


Brake output terminal

In the DB and DC braking resistor connected between +

Control Terminal Description

Terminal symbol

Terminal Function



Multi-function digital input terminals 1 to 6

The factory setting is forward


The default setting is reversed


The factory setting is reset


The default setting is high speed


The default setting is Medium


The default setting is low


Digital / analog / power supply ground terminals and communications

GND internal isolation and PE


+ 12V power supply

Maximum Output Current: 150mA


Analog voltage input

Input voltage range: 0 ~ + 10V


Analog current / voltage input, selectable by jumper J1, the default is the current input

Input current range: 0 ~ + 20mA

Input voltage range: 0 ~ + 10V


Analog voltage output

Output voltage range: 0 ~ + 10V

The FA , the FB, the FC

Multi-function relay output

The FC-the FA : normally open, FB-FC: NC

Contact Specifications: 250VAC / 3A, 30VDC / 3A

RS + RS-

RS485 communication interface

1 to 32 can be accessed by RS485 sites


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