Stepping motor / Stepping Drive 2.8N-m

Stepping set 1.Stepping motor 57BYG250-112mm.Torque 2.8 N-m

+ 2.Stepping Drive HB542 32-bit DSP digital

Drive the main features:

1. 24-50V DC power supply, power grid environment to adapt to the harshest

2. H bridge bipolar constant phase flow subdivision driver

3. Original speed adaptive circuit, automatic optimization

4. The breakdown for current setting

5. 2-64 subdivision 16 kinds of operating modes

6. overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection

7. offline (ENA) protection

8. TTL (+ 5V) Interface


Drive the basic description:

   Powerful current output adapter 57 Nema23 full range of motor pulse subdivision up to 40,000 steps \ turn, effectively guarantee the accuracy of the motor, build quality, superior quality.Widely used in automation equipment industry, engraving machines, packaging machines, non-standard equipment, XY-axis motion platform, CNC machine tools, precision machine tools, cutting machine, feeder, engraving machines highly recognized by our customers.

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