Set 2.0 Kw Servo Motor/Drive

1.QS7AA050M AC Servo Drive, AC220V Single/Three-Phase ,50A.

match ACH series AC servo motor  1.8-3.8KW.


2.ACH-13200CI-G 130 flange, 2.0KW, 2500RPM, 7.7NM, 7.5A, AC220V,

incremental encoder, 15 line,

match QS7AA050M servo driver


3.สาย 3 meter cable, includ Power cable, Encoder cable

and controller cable, 2-3KW





Input Voltage Single/Three-Phase AC220V -15%~+10%
Driver Current 50A
Matching Motor1.8KW~3.8KW motor
Using Temperature  Work:45℃  Storage:-40℃~55℃
Relative Humidity  40%~80% with no condensation
Atmosphere  86-106kpa
Control Mode 

①Position control ②JOG control ③Speed control ④Torque control ⑤Position and speed control 

⑥Inside pulse control ⑦Electric tool carrier control

Pulse Command  ①Pulse+ Direction ②CW + CCW Pulse ③ Two-phase AB orthogonal pulses
Control Precision 0.01%
Response Frequency ≤200Hz
Pulse Frequency ≤500kHz
Speed Ratio 1:5000
Regenerative Brake  Internally Installed
Electronic Gear  1/30000~30000/1
Overload Capacity  ≤300%
Feedback Pulse  2500p/r, frequency division can be set arbitrary within 0-128
Display Function 

Rotate speed, motor current, motor torque, current location、positional deviation, 

command impulse count, current pulse frequency, space rate, I/O diagnose, analog input values, etc

Protection Function 

Over current, overvoltage, low voltage, overload, over heat, lack phase, over speed, 

ncoder abnormal, out of tolerance, mode abnormal alarm etc.

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