Mach3 Interface Board 5Axis

 Mach3 engraving machine interface board 5 axis 

1, full support for MACH3 and other support parallel port control computer software.

2, USB power supply and peripheral phase separation to protect computer security.
3, the external wide voltage input, 12-24V, with anti-reverse function.
4, all input signals all via the optical coupling isolation, can be accessed by emergency stop, the knife, spacing, etc., to protect computer security.
5, one relay output port, can control the spindle switch. Output port for the P17 port.
6, all the way through optocoupler isolated 0-10V analog voltage output, it can control the drive with the corresponding analog interface, to control the spindle speed. Output port to port P1.
7, open to all 17 ports, which can be accessed with the drive optocoupler can be controlled 5-axis stepper motor.
8, P1 PWM output can be controlled with optocoupler input spindle governor.
9, can be accessed by common cathode Or anode, to drive the input level of 5V.
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